Wednesday, January 16, 2008

HP 9000 - finally some progress

It's been a while since I messed with the 9000.  In fact, I actually stole its 1 GB drive a while back for use in my TT.  Yesterday at the office, I stumbled upon a 4 GB drive in the junkpile that (assuming it was still functional) would be perfect for this box.  I actually rebuilt the machine once after I brought it home, but I had so much trouble trying to figure out a way to install HP-UX on it that I gave up and did a network Debian install.  That worked well and ran fine, but it was very much against the spirit of my goal to regain another OS that I used to work with.  So, tonight I was determined to finally get HP-UX onto the box.  That meant getting around the fact that the machine has no CD-ROM drive, you cannot install HP-UX from a floppy drive, and you cannot netboot an HP-UX install from anything but another HP-UX machine.  This would be fun...

Software-wise, I was already in good shape thanks to an HP-UX 10.20 original CD set that I acquired from someone who replied to my call for help in comp.sys.hp.hpux (who says Usenet is dead?) with a very reasonable price of $20 shipped.  They've been tucked away just waiting for another shot, and tonight was the night the would get it.  Tonight was the night I managed to get the right CD-ROM drive temporarily added to the internal SCSI chain, typed "boot scsi.1", and nearly did the Dance of Joy when I started seeing boot messages from the install CD!  In case you're wondering, I only DIDN'T do the dance because there is currently not that much open floor space in my computer room.

Once the install kicked off, I answered just a few questions and sent it on its way.  As I write this post, I see the installation process I began before starting on the post is currently on package 38 of 243.  It's going to be another waiting game.

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