Thursday, January 17, 2008

HP 9000 - it's alive!

Wow - this one was smooth sailing after finally getting the right CR-ROM drive hooked up.  The HP-UX install process took about as long on this machine as did the DEC 9000 OpenVMS install.  A notable difference between the two is that there were no errors incurred by the HP-UX install.  Even though I tried to cause myself some grief by incorrectly configuring the network settings, HP-UX recognized my potential for mistakes and put something on the screen to tell me how to redo the network settings later on without having to scour the web for instructions.  Like a long lost friend who knows my potential for losing information, it even left me an email on the machine to reiterate the process for making configuration changes - that's a big gold star for user-friendliness.

Bottom line is that I now have this machine up and running with the OS it was intended to run, and I have one more item checked off of my "building the eclectic office" goals list.  Only thing left to do right now is to pretty it up just a bit with some of my open source favorites like bash, openssh, and gcc.  Then, on to the next machine...

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